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Tuck Tape Easy Tear


Tuck Tape Easy Tear is a construction grade sheathing tape that is easier, faster and safer to use than regular tape. It is slightly thinner than regular Tuck Tape and is suitable to use with epoxy resin moulds for making river tables, resin serving boards and perfect for sealing joints.

  • Superior sealing, protective benefits & ease of handling
  • Easier, faster and safer to use.
  • No knives or tape dispensers required
  • Up to 20% faster to use
  • A strong and permanent adhesive that bonds to plastic, metal, and smooth surfaces such as melamine or formply.
  • UV resistant and provides aggressive bonding at hot and cold temperatures.
  • Strong and durable holding power
  • Water and moisture resistant

Each roll is 60mm wide and 66m in length.