Flow Resins

Thixotropic C


Thixotropic C is designed to be used with RTV-2 silicone rubber systems in the WACKER 45xx range such as the M4503 silicone rubber. Thixotropic C is a colourless, cloudy medium viscosity liquid.

The more additive added to the rubber mass, the thicker the mass becomes. Thus, the whole range of thixotropic states can be attained, including the fully non-sag state. This is most ideal for creating skin moulds and applying evenly to inclined or vertical surfaces by brush, spatula or trowel.

Processing –Thixotropic C is generally added at rates between 0.5 and 2% by weight. This will change the material from a pourable to a brushable product. Consistencies ranging from self-levelling to butter-like can be achieved.
Ensure the Thixotropic C bottle is well shaken prior to use to avoid any potential separation that has occurred during storage.