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Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 Satin Clear 750ml


Osmo Polyx Oil are derived from natural plant oils and waxes to provide hard-wearing and durable protection for wooden flooring, casework and furniture.

The premise of Osmo Polyx Oil is to allow any interior wood surface to retain its natural look and feel. Osmo Polyx Oil penetrates deep into the wood protecting the surface from within and providing excellent liquid and abrasion resistance.

125ml covers 3m2 approx
375ml covers 9m2 approx
750ml covers 18m2 approx

2.5L covers 60m2 approx
10L covers 240m2 approx

  • Extremely durable and hard-wearing
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Enhances the wood's natural character
  • Resistant to common spills such as water, juice, tea, soda and wine
  • Resistant to saliva and perspiration, suitable for children's toys
  • Microporous and breathable; finish will not crack, peel or flake
  • Easily spot repairable
Osmo Polyx Oil Original is ideal for protecting unfinished wood, OSB, and cork.