Flow Resins

M4503 / T35 Condensation Silicone Rubber


M4503 is a pourable, two-part, condensation curing silicone suitable for reproducing models with pronounced undercuts in casting resins. Other matter, such as wax and plaster, may be cast without any problems in moulds made from M4503.

Potlife / Demould: Work time- 90mins / Demould time – 24 hours

Hardness / Type: Shore A25 +/-2 Silicone Elastomer, 40000cps

  • Good flow
  • Low Shore A hardness (approx.25)
  • High tear strength
  • Great extensibility and elasticity
  • Excellent long-term stability of the mechanical properties of the cured rubber
  • Outstanding resistance to casting resins, particularly polyester

M4503 is used for pour moulds only, it cannot be thickened for brush on applications