Flow Resins

Easycast - Fast Set Polyurethane


Easycast by Barnes Products is a rigid polyurethane resin recommended for casting model kits, collectibles, small parts, props and thin casts. Easycast has an extremely low viscosity which means it is able to reproduce the smallest and most minute details. Easycast is translucent before mixing and cures white in colour.

  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • Potlife / Working time: 2 minutes at 25oC
  • Cure / Demould time: 15 minutes at 25oC
  • Colour: Cures white
  • Hardness & Type: Shore D65 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 60cps

Easycast is slightly more flexible than similar products of its kind and is machinable, easily sanded, drilled and turned.