Flow Resins

Art Flow - Art & Coating Epoxy Resin


Art Flow is a high gloss, crystal clear, self-levelling epoxy resin ideal for resin art and coating applications. It has a simple 1-to-1 mixing ratio and will give a professional, glass like finish to all your creations. Art Flow is highly regarded for achieving great results no matter your level of experience.

  • Simple 1A:1B mixing ratio (pour by volume / PBV)
  • High gloss
  • Crystal clear
  • Self-levelling
  • Medium viscosity (not too thick and not too thin, making it easy to control the movement and flow of the resin)
  • No VOCs
  • 1 litre = 1.30 square metres of coverage

Art Flow is perfect for creating beautiful resin art pieces and coating serving boards and coasters. It is also excellent for creating a clear, glass like coating over artwork, woodwork and table tops.

Art Flow Mixing Instructions

Art Flow Technical Data Sheet (TDS)