Flow Resins

A2 Stone


A2 Stone, is a two-part Modified Acrylic Cementitious Water Based Resin System, which sets hard within 20-30 minutes, and reaches full cure within 24 Hours. No need to add water. When used as instructed, A2 Stone has a textured stone like finish. 

Important information:

A2 Stone - Bluecreet is used to create a stone like feature and does not need pigmenting. It has a sparkle in the light and looks exhilarating.

A2 Stone - Riverside is designed to be pigmented. It is a coarse material designed to give a rough surface texture. Use the Riverside base to create various colour stone using regular A1 Pigments, i.e sandstone etc. 


  • 5:1 ratio, measure by weight
  • Non-toxic, no harmful chemicals
  • Easy to mix and pour (no need to add water)
  • Lightweight laminations – tough – and good impact resistance.
  • Attractive textured surfaces
  • Excellent fire resistant properties
  • Ideal for decorative purposes