Flow Resins

River Flow - Deep Pour Epoxy Resin


River Flow is a deep casting and crystal-clear epoxy resin designed specifically for deep casting in timber and other deep pour casting applications.  It is suitable for pouring layers to a maximum of  50mm thick when room temperatures are 25oC or below.

  • Simple 2A:1B mixing ratio (pour by volume / PBV)
  • Crystal clear
  • Very low viscosity
  • Self-releases air bubbles
  • Great thermal stability and low shrinkage
  • Low VOCs (low odour)
  • Very durable and scratch resistant once fully cured
  • Contains anti-yellowing technology

River Flow is perfect for river tables and other wood art applications.  It is also excellent for embedding and casting larger sized objects.

River Flow Mixing Instructions

River Flow Technical Data Sheet (TDS)