Flow Resins

Flow 36 - Timber Filling Epoxy Resin


Flow 36 is a 2A:1B (measure by weight) timber filling epoxy used for filling the cracks, voids and holes in timber.  It is especially good for making repairs and filling the fine veins throughout a slab of timber and is a popular resin choice for timber flooring and furniture companies. It can also be used as a laminating epoxy for fibreglass repairs and manufacturing. 

It is important to note that Flow 36 does not contain UV inhibitors and will turn a honey colour overtime especially if exposed to sunlight. If you have large voids and holes in your timber that you are filling with resin and wish to keep clear, we recommend using our Easy Flow (Ultra-Clear Casting Resin) or River Flow (Deep Pour) which contain anti-yellowing properties and have overall, much better UV stability.

Flow 36 is a more cost-effective choice for timber filling projects and river tables that will be pigmented a dark colour such as black or blue to fill larger cracks. 

For river tables it can be cast to a maximum thickness of 10mm thick. Anything thicker will need to be cast in multiple layers.

  • Simple 2A:1B mixing ratio (measure by WEIGHT)
  • Very low viscosity
  • Self-releases air bubbles
  • Great thermal stability and low shrinkage
  • Low VOCs (low odour)
  • Very durable and scratch resistant once fully cured

Flow 36 Mixing Instructions

Flow 36 Technical Data Information